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During its years of the DeGol Organization's growth, the need for an effective method to reach its distant locations resulted in more air travel. As a result, it peaked the interest of Bruno, Jr. He began to take flying lessons and, over the next 30 years , became certified in operating turbo-prop and jet aircraft, owned by the company.

This love of flying proved most beneficial to the family, as it allowed them to be most efficient in travel while monitoring their operations throughout the Eastern United States.

Realizing that the aircraft could also provide travel needs for other businesspersons and professionals, Bruno, Jr. applied for and received FAA certification for a Part 135 air charter license, thus allowing DeGol Aviation to provide flights to those outside of the organization. At the same time, the company took a bold step, and purchased a King Air turbo-prop aircraft, which provided considerably larger cabin size and capacity. With this acquisition, the company was now able to compete with major Part 135 providers in the area.

As the demand for services continued to grow, DeGol Aviation acquired a Citation 5 Ultra jet and, soon afterwards, added a Citation XLS jet to its fleet. These aircraft permitted shorter flight times and significantly raised the quality of service that could be provided to customers.

Today, DeGol Aviation utilizes several company pilots and makes its aircraft available to brokers across the country. The company takes great pride in the fact that it has been trusted in the air travel of a past U.S. President, local and national government leaders, major U.S. corporate officers, and leaders in the field of music and entertainment.

DeGol Aviation maintains a 12,000 square foot hanger at Altoona Blair County Airport, which includes ample hanger space for its aircraft and maintenance staff, and a large customer lounge area. DeGol Aviation also maintains its own 12,000 gallon fuel storage site.

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