DeGol Real Estate

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The DeGol family considers real estate holdings an important part of their asset allocation and one that provides steady income, as well as the potential for appreciation in value. Over the years, they have acquired a number of diverse properties, including, but not limited to:


Residential rental properties


Commercial rental properties


TA golf course, with surrounding acreage that has been developed for single-family homes. The development is in its third stage, with 57 ready-to-build lots (with completed infrastructure) available


An industrial center to house a number of diverse enterprises. The site encompasses 350 acres, including over 800,000 square feet of commercial warehouse/production space (that can be designed to meet tenant needs). In addition, the site is adjacent to over 35 miles of rail track, utilized to provide rail car storage for major railroads.


Three large ocean-front houses located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. These facilities are used as rentals to visitors throughout the year.


The family has two projects currently under construction in Blair County. These include a 26-unit, multi-family apartment complex, and a building housing 16 apartments with a garage for each tenant.

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