D Holdings

Established in 2006


Throughout the history of the DeGol Organization, there are many instances where, due to thoughtful and comprehensive research, the DeGol family saw opportunity when others saw uncomfortable risk. This allowed the DeGols to acquire property and assets that proved most beneficial to their organization's growth.


The acquisition of the former "Samuel Rea Car Shops" outside of Hollidaysburg is one of those successful decisions. For many years, the site had remained idle, and buyers were skeptical about its value, due to environmental issues that were rumored to exist on the property.


While serving on the board of directors of the Altoona Blair County Development Corporation, Bruno, Jr., became interested in the property. Having experience in dealing with environmentally hazardous properties and the remediation process, he saw a "diamond in the rough" where many others saw nothing but problems.


After explaining his vision to the family, it was determined that the 350-acre site had significant potential, and they acquired it in 2006. After substantial infrastructure and capital investment, the main 750,000-squarefoot building began to receive tenants.


In addition to the main building, much of the 40,000 square feet of outparcel buildings have been occupied or used as storage facilities for local companies.


Today, it houses Seven D Industries, the organization's window and door manufacturing facility; a plant that processes aluminum metal products; a manufacturer of railcars and an adjacent railcar service center; and several incubator-sized businesses.


Included on the property is over 35 miles of rail track. Due to its location near the Norfolk Southern main line and its capacity to store up to 2,500 railcars, it is deemed preferable by many rail freight companies as a storage point for excess moving stock. As a result, Bruno, Jr., with the assistance of his son, Bruno III, founded Hollidaysburg Railcar Services, which coordinates the storage and transfer of thousands of railcars each year.


With over 90 percent of the main facility occupied by tenants, Bruno, Jr., and Bruno III, with the blessing of the family, initiated another infrastructure project that introduced water, sewer, and electricity to the easternmost part of the complex. Upon completion, it opened an additional 50 acres of "shovel-ready" land suitable for immediate commercial or industrial development. The tract is highly regarded, as it provides one mile of frontage directly onto PA Route 22.

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